How does the process really work?

    We've simplified the process to just 4 easy steps -

  1. You sign-up at http://www.unoecom.com/merchant
  2. Choose your Inventory Package
  3. Receive units in your Amazon account
  4. Products sell, and you receive $$$ in your account

Selling online is not easy. Even if you buy the product from a distributor or a retailer at a discounted price, you still need to learn how to post it on all marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart & manage inventory and reorder. To be on the first page of the marketplace requires a low price and some technical skills.

We & our partners have been a top Amazon vendor at home & kitchen and our products have always been on the first page on Amazon and other channels. You will buy the product directly from the manufacturer and resell to make a part of the overall profit.

Why would an Amazon vendor let us sell their products as he can make the same high profit?

Most products are manufactured overseas and have their own economies of scale. Amazon and other marketplace sellers are importers or wholesale buyers. We have tied up with manufacturers and wholesalers so they can produce in bulk and realize economies of scale. So, in essence, we are optimizing the supply chain.

What if the product I receive does not sell?

Products we send to you are already ranked and most likely appear on the first page of a search. The price we add also reflects the price at which people have bought the product continuously. Unless you change the price, it is highly unlikely, but weather, color and choices change quickly. You can choose to replace inventory not sold after 180 days.

How do I reorder products?

You will see an option on your dashboard for reorder where you can select and reorder any number of products. Choose products according to color and season so sales are quick. You can choose to have them shipped to you or to your Amazon FBA account.