Become An Amazon Merchant

  • Learn how to sell on Amazon by reselling top rated products
  • In the process make over 50% return
  • Expand to selling on multiple channels
  • Design custom products and create your private label
  • Launch your website and brand globally



2. Choose inventory

3. Amazon receives inventory

4. You receive $$ and expand

What are client Says

What if we told you that it is POSSIBLE to make over 50% returns by selling products ONLINE - and that UNOECOM will provide the products and guarantee a return!


    E-commerce sales have been growing exponentially over the past decade but still account for less than 10% of overall sales. Shopping has moved from brick and mortar stores to online marketplaces such as Amazon, Wal-Mart Jet etc. So in the next decade, online sales would dominate overall sales. But, to sell online you need to -

  1. Source a product at a very competitive price
  2. Understand the nuances of each marketplace
  3. List the product
  4. Be able to ship it on time, cheaply, and manage inventory


UNOECOM has tied-up with top Amazon vendors and manufacturers to procure goods at wholesale prices. These products are offered to you so you can generate a substantial Return on Investment with No Risk at all.

What's in it for vendors and manufacturers ?

Bulk sales help vendors to invest less capital and realize economies of scale reducing production costs.

Whats in it for you, the "MERCHANT"

You re-sell established products and make part of the profit. So both the vendor and you share part of the profits i.e crowd sourcing of products. What's more, we're so confident that we guarantee a base return of 5%. That's 5 times the return of a typical CD - although most products make around 50% to 70% profit!

Do I compete with Other Sellers and manufacturers?

The manufacturers will not sell the same product they have offered to you. However, multiple merchants can buy the same products and compete. We offer 1000's of products that are top sellers on Let's use examples from the Home Furnishing category to see profitability.

What kind of support can I expect?

The UNOECOM team members will provide all the help and training to get you started in setting up your store and selling your products.